Who We Are

DSANM Board Positions and Duties

Positions are open and must be filled in order for the group to move forward fluidly. Those who have an interest in serving on the Board please fill out an application and mail it to:

DSANM, PO BOX 2151, Traverse City, MI 49685

Amy L DeHaan, President

  • Schedule and direct a minimum of 2 board meetings/year
  • Oversee and coordinate all activities organized by board members
  • Co-sign checks
  • Oversee New Parent Team

 Carly Callison, Vice President

  •  Director of Communications
  • Acts in absence of president
  • Maintain group directory
  • Gather and relay relevant information from board to group
  • Oversee Public Relations

Linda Slater-Marschner, Treasurer

  • Maintain financial statements
  • Present annual budget for board approval
  • Co-sign checks
  • Oversee fund-raising opportunities

Susan Fall, Secretary

  • Record and archive minutes for board meetings
  • Acknowledge donations and support
  • Liaison to DSAWM (Grand Rapids)

Position Open, Archivist

  • Maintain photo and press release archives
  • Challenge Mountain

Position Open, Education and Advocacy

  • Develop and maintain website and/or means of group information
  • Oversee Education and Advocacy Team

DSANM is a non-profit organization that is here to serve Traverse City and the surrounding areas by providing the support and basic information needed to the families of those with Down syndrome. We welcome you to our world and hope we can provide support in your journey. We hope to see you soon at one of our group meetings so you can get involved and start taking steps to build that “Brighter Future for our children and Adults with Down Syndrome”.

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A resource for families and caregivers of children with Down syndrome.