Board of Directors

Amy L DeHaan, President

  • Schedule and direct a minimum of 2 board meetings/year
  • Oversee and coordinate all activities organized by board members
  • Co-sign checks
  • Oversee New Parent Team

 Carly Callison, Vice President

  •  Director of Education
  • Acts in absence of president
  • Maintain group directory
  • Gather and relay relevant information from board to group
  • Oversee Public Relations


    Susan Fall


    My name is Susan Fall and I am the Secretary for DsUpNorth.  I have held this position since 2005.  I am a native of the area, having lived here all my life.  My husband Richard and I have four children, Dan, Kate, Cole, and Gage. Our youngest son, Gage, has Down syndrome.  We did not have a pre-birth diagnosis so we became indoctrinated by surprise.  Gage had many life-threatening health issues at birth resulting in many trips to DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids where he had a variety of surgeries.  This continued for several years and Gage is now 15 and healthy!   

     I joined the Board to garner knowledge of opportunities (educational/social/vocational, etc.) for our children.  As a member I am part of a team that creates a yearly schedule of free or low-cost events (local and national) that are available to our members, community educators and medical providers.  The goal being to spread awareness to our community.  I support inclusion but realize it is not the path for everyone.  I embrace my son’s abilities and limitations.  Every milestone he has achieved has made us happy and proud, but Gage being healthy and happy has always been most important.  He is so loveable andsuch a joy, a people-pleaser for sure!

     Much of my spare time is in volunteering as an avid advocate to those in our community with differing abilities.  I also volunteer with the Traverse City Dream Team (a baseball league for children/young adults of all abilities) because, who doesn’t like baseball?!  In my spare, spare time I enjoy DIY projects, crocheting, boating, and the rare nap!